Hello friends and family! (And Random Search Bots) If you listen to us at all, you are aware that recent world events have triggered a change in Brian and me. No, not that change (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but a change nonetheless. While humanity’s spiral into oblivion is not news per se, the hastening pace made more obvious by a few triggering world events made me think that I should either:

  • Seek counseling
  • Drink more
  • Learn to fire a weapon
  • Bitch incessantly
  • Do something constructive

While all are plausible, through conversation with friends, trusted confidants and random people at the Lowry Park Zoo it became obvious that the answer was broadcast therapy.

Life can get hairy (Hey Ideal Image, we need sponsors) and sometimes you need to vent about it. Sometimes when you vent you find out that you are actually full of shit in your position. That brought up a key to this whole model. I needed to partner with (we get it…the jokes are easy) someone who was bright, opinionated, informed and willing to spend an inordinate amount of the valuable and limited time we have on this rock chewing the fat with me and whatever poor saps we can convince to come on the show. My co-host selection was a tough one as getting Colbert off my nuts is never easy and if Jon Stewart doesn’t stop calling me I am gonna get a TRO. The choice wasn’t even really a choice. My friend Brian Hall fulfilled all of my requirements AND, and this is big folks, he was willing to do the show!

As we have continued to grow and plan the show we are learning that people we hold dear have questions too. Some of those questions are about us and why we think and act the way we do. That is not to say that we are fascinating but when you really think about it, do we spend enough time learning about why our friends do and say what they do and say? Additionally, we have already found that many of the rude things we think and talk about at lunch regularly are thought and talked about by others. As a friend said when I was discussing my mental state prior to starting this show with Brian, “You never know who you might touch.” He said other meaningful stuff after that but the chance of touching others was too compelling to say no.

Our goal is to talk about the things that are impacting us. BY doing so we hope to trigger your thoughts, feelings and opinions. Despite what has been described as an “overly aggressive, condescending and self-important,” delivery, we actually do want to hear your thoughts, opinions and positions. While the show does not have a live audience yet, we are not opposed to that approach.

As we talk this walk down the path of self-awareness, please yell at us when we sound like that previous sentence! We plan to leverage social media extensively for interaction and feedback. If you like what we are doing, let us know. If you don’t, let us know. This really is an attempt to blows off steam, share thoughts, learn and we hope, bring a few smiles along the way.

Thank you for investing your time with us.