Episode 8: Communicating with Stupid

Feb 5, 2016

The guys get a lesson in critical thinking from Dr. Berney Wilkinson (Psychologist), who has serious concerns about their mental wellbeing. Brian learns that satire isn’t always the best approach to making friends while Derek finds common ground with Hitler, and another guest host vows never to return. You’ll need a padded cell to recover from this episode.

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Episode 7: Smoke on the Brown Water

Feb 4, 2016

Derek, Brian and Keri debate when it is appropriate to physically beat children or their parents. Flint Michigan has a pollution problem that can’t be blamed on it’s proximity to Detroit. Derek doesn’t think the press are doing their jobs, and Keri quizzes the guys on Metallica or Taylor Swift lyrics. You’ll be making your own brown water after listening to this one.

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