Episode 24: A Sine of Things to Cum

Mar 29, 2017

The gang talks automation, the ramifications, and Universal Basic Income as a possible safety net. Derek believes the future means floating fatties, while Brian just wants to get beamed to the starship Enterprise. Also, something about sex bots, and if it’s cool to shoot them in the face. They prefffffff

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̧W̢e ̀a͝rè coming̶.͢


Episode 23: The Shit Hits the Fan (Part Deuce)

Mar 22, 2017


Derek, Brian and Keri reunite (and it feels so good) to hear tales of shitty diapers from (new father) Brian. The gang tells other shitty tales of a Trump presidency, and bitches about liberals treating everything like Chicken Little. It’s a movement you’ll want to sit down and strain for.

Episode 22: Occupy Lazy Street

Nov 29, 2016

Derek and Keri think Brian hates protest because he just likes being contrary. Brian argues that we’re all “aware” of cancer already, and should just move on. The gang discusses what they would consider protesting, and Derek is forever the optimist. Listening to this episode is as useless as taking a stand for any cause, so grab a sign and start listening!

Episode 21: WRONG!

Nov 18, 2016

The boys express their displeasure with the results of the election while acknowledging that sore-loser whining is just that. They question what a fact is, and why they no longer matter in a “post-truth” America, while lamenting the Macedonian A/B Testing of fake news reports. We’re going to make the podcast great again!

Episode 20: Born to be Mild

Oct 5, 2016

The guys vivisect the lame Vice Presidential candidates. Keri joins in late for a discussion about parenting, and how much Brian still has to learn, while Derek quotes power ballads. Forget Douche and Turd, this is Milk vs. White Bread vs. The Hell’s Angels, in a battle that will leaving you wanting any amount of flavor.