Episode 12: Bernin’ Down the House

May 18, 2016


Things are heating up this election season, with Trump starting fights with every vagina he can find, and #BernieOrBust supporters showing the GOP aren’t the only ones who are saying “Fuck the Establishment”. Brian and Derek try to make sense of the madness, but can’t handle the heat. Come on Pookie, let’s burn this mother down!!

The Guardian: Dear America
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Episode 11: Bathroom Hijinks!

May 10, 2016

Dr. Kevin Glenn repeats his past mistake and
joins us for another episode! Brian is upset that his nerdy movies
aren’t culturally accurate (plus the books were better), while
Derek is worried about who is peeing next to him…..and HOW! Join
us for a slippery escapade!

Dr. Kevin Glenn’s Blog Article: “STAYING ON TARGET:


The Liberal Redneck YouTube Channel

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Episode 10: Refugee Kaos

May 3, 2016

The guys and Keri jam out to Model Kaos with guest host Peter
Roy, who has a thing or two to say about Syrian refugees. Spoiler
alert: he’s against them. Finally, a contrarian opinion!

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Episode 9: Topical Triumvirate

Mar 23, 2016

Brian has a list of 3 hot-n-tasty topics written on a box. Politics! Apple vs. FBI! #BlackLivesMatter! Hillary’s Email Scandal! Police Body Cams! Derek describes his beloved “Dora the Explorer” sitcom. Both guys realize they’re heroes, having done nothing at all heroic because labels are fun. It’s a triumphant triumvirate!

College Humor – Dora the Explorer

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Episode 8: Communicating with Stupid

Feb 5, 2016

The guys get a lesson in critical thinking from Dr. Berney Wilkinson (Psychologist), who has serious concerns about their mental wellbeing. Brian learns that satire isn’t always the best approach to making friends while Derek finds common ground with Hitler, and another guest host vows never to return. You’ll need a padded cell to recover from this episode.

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Episode 7: Smoke on the Brown Water

Feb 4, 2016

Derek, Brian and Keri debate when it is appropriate to physically beat children or their parents. Flint Michigan has a pollution problem that can’t be blamed on it’s proximity to Detroit. Derek doesn’t think the press are doing their jobs, and Keri quizzes the guys on Metallica or Taylor Swift lyrics. You’ll be making your own brown water after listening to this one.

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Episode 6: Ya’llQaeda

Jan 21, 2016

Vanilla ISIS have taken over a federal building in Oregon, while Derek and Brian desperately try to make as many jokes as possible at their expense. Chocolate Anuses are described in vivid detail, and a Trump rally song goes viral and virulent. If you need an earworm that is potentially treasonous, this is the episode for you!

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Episode 5: The Shit Hits the Fan

Dec 23, 2015

It’s our shittiest episode yet! Brian and special guest host Rebecca recall the greatest t-shirt design in human history, and how it never came to be. Brian tells the most embarrassing poop story ever, while Derek and guest host Keri bond over fecal communiqués. Rebecca is appalled at everything that is said, and vows never to return. Join us for another crappy episode.

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Episode 4: Religion (with Dr. Kevin Glenn)

Dec 8, 2015

Kim Davis takes on the law – but who won? Special guest host Dr. Kevin Glenn helps Brian and Derek answer important faith related questions, such as if religion and science are opposite forces. Joel Osteen is challenged to a faith-off. The guys learn new vocabulary words, and Brian tries to pick a fight with Kevin. This episode is potemically delicious!

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Episode 3: Faith

Dec 8, 2015

Things get personal when Brian and Derek talk about their personal religious beliefs, and explain to each other how their respective outlooks are wrong. Brian also learns of Derek’s past life as a choir singer, while Derek brags about his conquests after impressing the ladies with his Dungeons and Dragons knowledge. You’ll need to roll higher than a 3 to enjoy this episode.

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Episode 2: Rage

Nov 3, 2015

Brian shares a personal story of how rage affected his judgement. Derek gets fired from his own podcast by guest host Keri Ramos. Join us, and watch your blood pressure spike.
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